Legal Tips for Dealing with Robocalls

Robocalls are those that are automatically pre-recorded. They are very inconvenient to deal with. If you're constantly getting a lot of them each day, here are some legal tips to consider when addressing them going forward.

See Who's Legally Allowed to Call You 

There are going to be some parties that have the right to send you robocalls, such as political parties looking to provide information about upcoming campaigns. You need to know which parties can and can't legally send you robocalls. Then you'll know what to do as far as stopping these calls.

If the robocall is coming from a business and they're advertising a product or service, this could be considered illegal and then you may want to take legal action for the harassment. Whereas if the robocall is from your child's school or local state office, these organizations have this right.

Review Robocall Regulations

So that you know where you stand with robocalls and stopping them entirely, you need to go through robocall regulations. You can find this information online because it's made readily available to the public. You just need to see what companies can and can't do when it comes to sending out robocalls.

Then you can use these legal insights to better deal with these automated calls. For instance, you can contact a company back that sends you a robocall and inform them of rules they're supposed to comply with. This may be enough to get them to stop for good.

Hire an Attorney

If nothing seems to be working at stopping robocalls and you've just about had it, the next step is hiring an attorney that specializes in these automated calls and policies related to them. You can seek their legal counsel to see what the best course of action is.

It might be to sue companies that keep sending you these robocalls even when you didn't ask to receive them. Or you may just want to have the attorney send over a letter that threatens the possibility of suing if they don't stop. Generally, with an attorney's help, you can stop these calls pretty quickly.

You may be doing something in the day and then have to stop to answer robocalls. The best way to deal with them in a legal way is to find out what companies are entitled to when using them and potentially seek advice from an attorney. Then you can move forward without robocalls having as much of an impact on your life. 

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