Constantly Denied VA Benefits? Get A Lawyer?

Getting help from the Department of Veterans Affairs is a notoriously inconsistent, sometimes difficult, process. It's a problem that exists with any large organization; just because service should be consistent doesn't mean it will be, and regional/local office attitudes or work ethics are not all the same. Thankfully, it's easy to step out of the paperwork shuffle if you understand a few of these claim system requirements and get a lawyer on your side to expedite the process. [Read More]

2 Things You Need Know About Getting Workers Comp

People are injured at work all the time. They are many individuals who wonder if they can file a workers comp lawsuit and get compensation for their injury. Workers comp can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing, which is why it is best that you talk to the right people after the injury, including an attorney to help you know what steps to take. Here are some reasons why you should be prepared. [Read More]

Factors Used to Assess the Legitimacy of a Confession to a Crime

Just because you have confessed to a crime doesn't mean that the court (judge) will accept your word for it; maybe you were coerced or you didn't know what you were confessing to. In fact, if you can challenge your confession in court. If you do that, the court will use the following measures (among others) to determine whether the confession was legitimate: The Length of the Interrogation A very lengthy interrogation can lead to a false confession. [Read More]

3 Tips For Hiring The Right Personal Injury Attorney

One of the things you may need at some point in life is a good lawyer. Regardless if you're being sued or doing the suing, there are issues that must be addressed. It's important to get through any situation that may be good or bad with the best lawyer possible. Being aware of specific tips that can enable you to find the right professional for the job can be helpful to you. [Read More]