4 Unfortunate Events That Can Lead To A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

No one really ever expects to lose their life, but losing life due to the actions of someone else can be devastating. Take a look at some of the unfortunate events that can lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Your loved one died as a result of injuries sustained during a violent attack. 

Even though most people think of wrongful death lawsuits as suits against big companies or agencies, they can be brought up against an individual just the same. Even if your loved one was attacked, the person was arrested, tried in court, and charged with a crime, you can still file a lawsuit for wrongful death in most states. For example, if your loved one was in a relationship with someone who attacked them and they died soon after, you may still be able to file a lawsuit even if that person is charged with assault and battery and found guilty. 

You lost a loved one after a car accident caused by a reckless driver. 

Perhaps the other driver was speeding far over the limit, driving while intoxicated, or otherwise driving recklessly on the roadway. In these situations, there may be two parties that could potentially be sued: the driver or the driver's insurance company. A wrongful death attorney can help you determine who you should be suing. In most cases, you would initially sue the insurance company if they were unwilling to offer a substantial settlement for the accident. However, the individual driver may also be held responsible. 

Your loved one lost their life due to a lack of posted warnings on a highway.

Road work, dips in the road, sudden stops, loose gravel or debris—all of these are things that cause numerous car accidents annually. While there may not be much that can be done if signs and warnings were posted to warn drivers of impending risks, if there were no warnings, you may have a right to file a lawsuit. 

You lost a loved one after they ingested something toxic at a restaurant. 

Restaurants have a responsibility to keep patrons safe and ensure whatever they serve is not harmful. if your loved one dies after they consume something toxic at a restaurant, you may have a right to sue the company for wrongful death. Restaurants can be rather large companies, and many will use shady tactics to disprove the claims. Make sure you work with a wrongful death law firm familiar with these kinds of high-profile cases. 

Reach out to a wrongful death attorney to see if you have a case.