Let A Dog Run Free And Run The Risk Of A Personal Injury Suit

Dog bites can cause severe injury and brutal bites may be avoidable. The finger of blame may first point to the dog. Soon after, a picture emerges that the owner is at fault. Dog owners failing to take prudent steps to prevent their dogs from causing harm may be liable for injuries. Allowing a dog to run around on the property may reflect negligence, even when a fence surrounds it. Someone walking past the house could get bitten without provoking the dog or trespassing. A core question arises here, "Was the dog bite incident preventable?"

No Leash and an Insufficient Fence

Not keeping a dog on a leash can be considered negligent. The dog's movement has no restrictions on the property since the pet isn't leashed. With a high chain link fence, the dog would have a difficult, if not impossible time, reaching a pedestrian. A dog might not be able to jump over a lower fence, but it might extend its head over the top far enough to reach a limb. Reaching could facilitate biting. The combination of allowing the dog to run free and inadequate fencing could lead to a credible negligence claim.

Lack of Supervision

Leaving the dog to run free unattended could further raise suggestions of negligence. Not watching the dog at all and leaving the pet outside for an extended period raises further questions about the owner's lack of duty. Was the dog barking aggressively and startling people? Did it have a track record for doing so? If a canine raises commotion and concerns, did the owner react appropriately? Lack of supervision and care might set a course for a dog bite incident.

Improper and Shoddy Effort

Leashing the dog requires securing the dog properly. Failure to lease the pet correctly could lead to a disaster. Purchasing the best dog collar and connecting it to a durable leash is half the battle. Effectively securing the other end of the leash becomes necessary, too. Attaching the leash to a makeshift stake driven into the ground isn't the best choice. Doing so may increase the chances of failure and liability. Considering the dangers to both people and the pet, owners should employ great care when leashing a dog.

Negligence and Dog Ownership

Personal injury lawyers look at all aspects of negligence, including direct and contributory. Dog bite cases often focus on potential fault by the dog owner and the injured party. It might be best to look for an attorney with experience handling these cases. Find a personal injury lawyer in your area today.