Don't Let These Issues Ruin Your Divorce

The time between your separation and the final decree presents plenty of opportunities for strife. Take a look at some common issues to be on the lookout for as your divorce gets started.

Before you get started, don't go in without making a plan. Take some time to set some goals. Where do you want to be this time next year? Thinking about the future should guide you to set your priorities when it comes to your upcoming divorce. As time goes by and things get stressful, remind yourself of your goals for the future and recommit yourself to achieving them by asking for and fighting for what you deserve.

Be careful what you say to whom. Trust only your family law attorney with anything related to your upcoming divorce. Remember, what you say to friends and relatives and what you post on social media could end up being repeated in the courtroom.

Fight for child support. Child support is often a major issue with divorcing couples. In most cases, child support is determined using the income of both parents, the number of children, and what form of custody you choose.

Consider spousal support. This is not a given but it may be available. You may be awarded temporary alimony during the separation and then rehabilitative support when the divorce is final. The more time you were unemployed during the marriage the likelier you are to receive support. Other factors include age and illness.

Tread carefully if you're tempted to investigate your spouse. You may have suspicions of your spouse's wrongdoing. No matter how telling your recordings or photographs may be, they will be useless if illegally obtained. Speak to your family law attorney for guidance before you begin any amateur sleuthing.

Be transparent about finances. Divorce is about financial matters and both parties are expected to provide an honest picture of their financial situation. If you suspect your spouse of hiding marital assets, speak to your family law attorney about subpoenaing your spouse's banking, investments, and business records. The more money at stake, the more you may need to dig further. If necessary, a forensic accountant can do an investigation into things.

Create a defense against allegations. If you already realize that a major issue like child custody will be in contention, you might begin to think about why you would make a better parent than your spouse. Just be sure to take the opposite view and think about what your spouse will use against you. Doing so will help your family law attorney prepare a defense against allegations of being unfit.

To find out more about any of the above, speak to your family law attorney.