What Not To Do When Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer For A Consultation

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer for an initial consultation is a great first step toward handling your personal injury case. If you're wondering what you should not do during this meeting, keep the following advice in mind.

Pay for the Meeting

For one thing, you should think twice about meeting with a personal injury attorney who will charge you for the initial consultation. There are a lot of good personal injury attorneys out there who will meet with you to talk about your case for free. In fact, many personal injury attorneys do not require you to pay anything at all unless they help you win your case. Since money might be tight right now because of all of the costs that go along with your personal injury issue, you probably don't want to spend any money that you don't have to spend. Plus, you might be better off looking for an attorney who is willing to look out for you and help you without being overly concerned about money in the beginning.

Show Up Late for the Meeting

Of course, many personal injury attorneys are very busy. After all, a lot of these attorneys have multiple clients, and they may have to spend a lot of time filling out paperwork, doing research about cases, communicating with insurance companies and more. To ensure that the attorney has ample time to work with you and to be respectful of their time and their clients, make sure that you show up for your initial consultation on time.

Rush Through the Meeting

Many personal injury attorneys are willing to work with you when it comes to scheduling your initial consultation. Make sure that you schedule your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney for a time that works well for you. You don't want to feel rushed when you go in for your appointment, and you will want to make sure that you have plenty of time to talk about your case.

Provide Inadequate Information

You might not be sure of how much the personal injury attorney will want to hear during the initial meeting, but you should make sure that you provide adequate information. Bring along any relevant documentation, and give an honest account of the situation. If you provide the personal injury lawyer with ample information at your initial consultation, you will make it much easier for them to help with your case in the days to follow.