CDL Traffic Tickets: Learning About Consequences And Why You Should Fight Them

Did you know that trucking industry is responsible for approximately 70% of the freight that is moved within the United States of America? The trucking industry plays a huge role in the economy, and the trucking industry is constantly expanding and looking for more employees. If you work as a trucker, and have recently received Commercial Driving License (CDL) traffic tickets, you should be familiar with the consequences if you are to pay the tickets. Most of the time, it's best if you dispute and fight the tickets instead. You'll learn why below. 

What Are CDL Classifications?

All truck drivers are responsible and required to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) if they wish to operate any commercial vehicle that weighs over 26 000 pounds. This is not only limited to truck drivers, but also includes occupations like bus drivers, and tow trucks as well. There are 3 different CDL classifications. They include:

  • Class A. These vehicles have a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of over 26 0001 pounds  and will tow vehicles or items that are greater than 10 000 pounds. 
  • Class B. These vehicles have a GVW that exceeds 26 0001 pounds, and tow vehicles or items that do not exceed 10 000 pounds.
  • Class C. These vehicles have a GVW less than 26 001 pounds, but they are designed to either carry over 16 passengers or hazardous materials.

What Are Some Common Violations That Truckers Get Ticketed For?

The type of traffic tickets that are written will be dependent on what you have done. Minor violations will include:

  • following vehicles ahead of you too closely.
  • executing improper lane changes.
  • carelessly driving.

Major violations will include:

  • driving under the influence, whether it be from drugs or alcohol.
  • fleeing the scene of an accident.
  • using the vehicle in question to commit a felony.
  • trucking while you have a suspended, revoked or even cancelled CDL.

What Are The Consequences of CDL Traffic Tickets?

Depending on the type of violations that you are being ticketed for, there are different consequences that you can expect. A trucking attorney can help you determine whether the penalties and fines are reasonable. 

Most of the CDL traffic tickets will have large, hefty fines attached to them; however, if the amount is too unreasonable, a trucking attorney can help you dispute it and request for smaller fines. Other than hefty fines, you can also expect to be incarcerated for some of the major violations, and the violations will be kept on your criminal record. This may prevent you from being able to apply for employment opportunities in the future.

In addition, points that are racked up against you because of the CDL traffic tickets may cause you to either have your license suspended or completely revoked. This will result in wage loss as you will not be legally able to drive the trucks anymore until your suspension has been lifted.

Why Should You Dispute The Tickets?

While most tickets will claim that if you pay within a certain period of time, you will be able to get a discount, you will be found guilty the moment that you pay. Instead of paying for the tickets, consider hiring a trucking defense attorney in order to determine what steps you can take to have the tickets successfully disputed. Benefits of disputing a ticket will include:

  • being charged for minor violations rather than major ones. Keep in mind that major violations are commonly kept on record, and may prevent you from being able to apply for employment opportunities in the future.
  • reducing the fines that you have to pay. Money is tight, and there is nothing more annoying than having to pay CDL traffic tickets that are worth several hundred to several thousand dollars. More often than not, hiring an attorney will be cheaper than paying the tickets.
  • avoiding having your CDL suspended or revoked. You do not want to miss out on employment opportunities simply because you are not able to drive.


Depending on the type of violations that you have been accused of on the traffic tickets, you are able to take different types of actions to protect yourself. The first step is to hire a trucking attorney to give you a trucker's voice in court and who will be able to provide you with some insight regarding your case and your possibilities in fighting it. When hiring a trucking attorney, familiarize with the type and amount of experience that they have, along with the rates that they charge for their services.