Workers Compensation In Portland OR: Moving Your Case Forward

Being injured on the job can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, especially if you have trouble filing a claim against workers compensation in Portland OR. While you can certainly file a claim with workers compensation in Portland OR it could be to your advantage to work with a lawyer specializing in workers compensation in Portland OR from the beginning. Making sure that all of the paperwork is filled out completely and appropriately is best done with the help of someone that has done many filings. Make sure that you are hiring the right professional for the job. Hiring a lawyer specializing in workers compensation in Portland OR doesn't have to be an intimidating experience and you don't have to hire the first one that you come across in the phone book. The initial consultation with the lawyer is your chance to get to know them and essential interview them for the available position of being your lawyer. It is also a chance for the lawyer to decide if your case has merit and if they can help you. Remember that most workers compensation lawyers are not paid for their work unless and until you receive compensation. This means that if the case isn't viable they are not going to spend much time on the job for you. You want to be sure that the lawyer you hire for the job devotes a good portion of their practice to workers compensation cases. You don't want someone representing you that has only handled a hand full of workers compensation cases in their career. You want someone that understands the application system, understands what to expect and knows how to react to things that could happen along the way. They should be up to date on all laws affecting your case and they should be able to handle any changes that happen as the case goes on. This is going to provide you with the best protection of your rights. When meeting with the workers compensation lawyer you will want to bring all documents relating to your injury, employment and case with you. If you have already started the process of applying for workers compensation you should bring your application and any correspondence that you might have sent or received in the matter. You also should have all medical records relating to your injury as well as any correspondence from your employer on the matter. These things will all help the lawyer to form a solid opinion of the situation and formulate a strategy for handling your case. The lawyer, like one from Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P, may need your to sign a contingency fee agreement that states that you are authorizing them to work on your case on your behalf and that you agree to pay them a percentage of the money that you are awarded in the end of the case. It will also outline the terms of what you can expect from the lawyer and may be accompanied by a document that authorizes the lawyer to get documents directly from your doctor regarding the status of your condition. This will make it easier for you and for your lawyer in keeping the case moving along. Making sure that you hire someone to help you deal with the process of a workers compensation case is going to provide you with peace of mind and the protection for your rights that is necessary to get the job done. You will find that having someone on your side to help you through the process can reduce the stress that you are going through and help the process go along a little more smoothly.