Should A Lawyer Handle Your Long Term Disability Case?

Are you in the process of making a claim for long term disability and wondering if you need a lawyer to handle it all for you? If so, it will help to know the following reasons why they can benefit your case.

You'll Have Experience On Your Side

You may have paid for the disability insurance policy and are entitled to certain benefits, but do you know if you are getting all the benefits that you are owed? While disability claims can get approved without an attorney, it helps to have a lawyer on your side that has plenty of experience with these types of cases. They can review all aspects of your case and make sure that you are being treated fairly according to the policy that you have been paying into.

Your Insurance Company Can Be Misleading

Many insurance providers are going to try to pay out as little as possible so you will need help getting the benefits that you deserve. They may try to act like your friend at first, being very kind and friendly. Unfortunately, a denial can come at any point in the process and set you back. By not working with a lawyer throughout the entire process, you'll be in a position where you may have to start over when it comes to the legal process of appealing a denial. This means it can take longer to go through the appeal process to get the money that you deserve, all because you didn't work with a lawyer from the beginning. 

You'll Need Help With Returning To Work

What you'll find during your disability case is the expectation on whether you will be able to return to work. This is based on what kind of injury you have, what surgeries you may have needed, and what the disability insurance provider expects for your recovery time. This is not always based on real world expectations, but what the insurance company has decided is the amount of time you need to recover. In addition, a longer recovery can change a short term injury into a long term injury, so the insurance company has motivation to have you return to work earlier rather than later. You'll likely need a lawyer to help fight on your behalf so that you have the recovery time that you need and can return to work when you are ready. 

Contact a long-term disability attorney for more information.