Three Things With Which Your Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyer Can Help You

Social Security Disability lawyers get results. They can do more for your case than you can do for yourself, by yourself. If you hire one of these lawyers from the very start, here is just a sampling of everything they can do for you and for your claim/case.

​Get ALL of Your Medical Records Together

A big part of why your SSDI claim takes so long to resolve is because SSA is liberal with all of the time they give every one of your doctors to fill out the paperwork and return your medical records to SSA. SSA representatives handling claims then review all of the records they receive within that expected timeframe before making a decision. If you can get all of your records together before you file, SSA does not have to get the records from your doctors.

Your lawyer will help you file your claim after all of those records are received in his/her office, AND he/she will not be so liberal with the amount of time he/she gives your doctors to fill out a simple form and send it back with your records. All you have to do is fill out a "medical records release" form for each doctor that has records pertaining to your health/physical condition. Your lawyer (or his/her legal aide) addressed the envelopes of all of the doctors and sends out this form and a formal letter stating why the records are required and what legal action may be taken if the doctors do not send the records and paperwork back to the law firm by the expected date.

File the Paperwork with SSA

​Your lawyer will personally file the paperwork and records with SSA. He/she will also file a court hearing with the courts in the event that the SSA chooses to refuse you your benefits. The date of the court hearing may be used at a later date, or dismissed if the SSA decides to approve you of benefits. 

Call SSA Every Two Weeks to Get an Update on Your Case

Since SSA will not need six months to collect information from your doctors because your lawyer already provided SSA with everything it needs to make a determination, your lawyer is free to check up on your case regularly. In fact, your lawyer probably already has the contact name and number. He/she will check up on your case every two weeks or so to get an update. If you receive an approval letter or begin to receive benefits in between times, be sure to let your lawyer know.