Hurt By Your Habit: Understanding The Danger Of E-Cigarettes

Proponents claim they are healthier than regular smokes, but the science to back up that claim is still missing. Others say that e-cigarettes can also be cheaper than regular cigarettes. There is no doubt, however, that this relatively new way of taking in nicotine has rapidly been gaining popularity. Also known as "vaping", using an e-cigarette means using a device that vaporizes liquid nicotine instead of lighting a cigarette. The device depends on a battery to do the vaporizing action, and here is where some problems have occurred. Read on to learn more about how dangerous these devices might be.

Bad Batteries

Most everyone has noticed numerous well-televised incidents of batteries that explode or catch fire in everything from cell phones to laptops to hover-boards. For consumer goods that are kept close to the body, these incidents and the potential hazards have created shock around the world. E-cigarette batteries are among those that have been making the news lately. Can you imagine having something in your jeans pocket catch fire and burn you badly? The Food and Drug Administration notes 134 accidents caused by e-cigarette batteries in the last 7 years.

Why Are These Batteries So Dangerous?

It may seem hard to believe that something so small could cause so much harm, but when these devices spark and catch fire serious burns can occur. Victims must undergo hospital stays, painful skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation, all encompassing a great deal of time, pain and expense. There have been some reports of these devices actually catching fire while in or near the mouth area, causing extensive damage to the lips, teeth, gums and tongue.

The culprit, in many cases, seems to be a lack of ventilation in the compartment that holds the lithium battery. Once pressure builds up sparking can occur. The real root of problem is still uncertain; it could be the battery itself or poor design of the device that contributes the incidents.

Stay Safe While Vaping

  1. Use the correct battery for your vaping device; avoid cheap after-market brands.
  2. Avoid over-charging the battery by using a smart charger, which "knows" when the charge is complete and shuts off.
  3. Avoid extreme temperatures. For example, don't leave your device in the car on hot or cold days.
  4. Batteries that are allowed to roam around loose in a pocket or bag can cause sparks or damage.
  5. Throw away batteries that look unusual in any way.

If you have suffered an injury after using one of these devices, talk to a personal injury attorney right away. Not only can you get compensation for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering, your lawsuit may help produce lasting changes in the production of these dangerous devices.