4 Ways To Save Money During Your First DUI Case

Getting arrested for a DUI can have harmful effects on your criminal record and personal life, but just one DUI arrest can have an even bigger impact on your bank account. Various fines, insurance costs, and other fees can quickly add up in a DUI case. Instead of paying straight out of pocket, you can work with professionals to help reduce your expenses and save a lot of money in the long run. By hiring a DUI lawyer, there are multiple steps that can help you reduce the costs of a DUI. Check out the following four ways to save money during your first DUI court case.

DUI Plea Deals

One way to help save money and expedite a case is by working on a plea deal. Instead of dragging out a court case and increasing legal fees, you can work with a DUI lawyer on reaching a plea agreement with the prosecution. When it is your first DUI case, your chances of reaching a plea deal can usually be greater because of a clean driving record. Your lawyer can use this record and any other clean records to help represent you and reach the best deal possible. The earlier you contact a lawyer, the quicker you can reach a plea deal and get back to your normal life. Plea deals involve all different types of situations including lesser charges, dropped charges, or the removal of fees. By working with a lawyer, you can seek a deal that saves you the most money in the long run.

Community Service Options

When going to a DUI trial, one of the biggest hits to your wallet is a DUI fine. For example, in Illinois, a DUI fine for first offenders can reach a maximum fee of up to $2,500. Instead of paying for these costs out of your own pocket, you can work with an attorney to request community service options. During a hearing or trial, your lawyer can request that community service hours are set in place of the actual fine. If a judge agrees, the fine will be waived for a specific amount of hours. These community services hours must be sent in and verified by the courts or the fine could be implemented again. The amount of community service hours can vary state by state, but either way it can help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Monitoring Devices

The result of some DUI cases forces a convicted offender to wear or install a breathalyzer monitor into their vehicle. These devices can be purchased at the full price or rented out on a monthly basis through the duration of your punishment. Either way, the equipment costs can quickly add up and be a huge hit to your bank account. As a first-time offender, a lawyer can help defend your case and try to get the monitor device removed from sentencing. This will help eliminate the extra costs and prove that you are a responsible driver without the need for extra equipment. A lawyer may negotiate different terms to help get the device removed. For example, you may agree to take an extra driving class instead of using the device. By calculating the different costs, you can determine the best options for your budget.

Work Hours

One of the biggest impacts financially is a loss of work hours. Court hearings, trial dates, and possible jail time can all lead to a loss in work hours and a huge hit on your income. By working with a lawyer, you can fight for no jail time and help speed up the case so you can reduce the days off from work that you need to take. Hiring a lawyer early on can also help you get bail quickly and work on ways to keep the charge off of your record so that it does not impact future employment opportunities.

Expressing your interest to save money can help a lawyer set specific goals throughout your DUI case. While there will always be costs, reducing them can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Click here for more information.